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Every person who passed through our doors has had a story. At the Shelter, many simply found survival; some found hope and courage. Others successfully made use of the Shelter as a bridge to moving on, reconnecting with family, getting jobs, and planning for the future.

I recently lived at Western Maine Homeless Shelter with my 3 children. I was displaced after separating from my husband. I went to another shelter first because I was unaware that there was even a shelter here in Farmington. Moving to WMHO made it so I was able to keep my kids in the same school and so I didn't have to travel 2 hours a day to get to and from work and to the area I know as home. I was very apprehensive to go to WMHO because my family had been through so much. When I got there things were calm and quiet. Something my family hadn't had in months. We were able to sit and read together and have a family dinner conversation. I was treated like a person not like I was an inmate in jail or like I had done something to deserve being there. The staff was helpful and understanding. They made my transition smooth and a lot of people worked very hard to help me get into a place ASAP. In general, my experience was life changing to say the least. If I came a across question or needed help, Tricia (Shelter Manager) has continued to help me even after being in my new place. -- WMHO Guest “K”


I want to thank all those affiliated with this shelter for their support, their contributions, whether it is has been monetary, professional, or voluntary, as I have family that are staying there, and it has been a heart-wrenching experience to say the least. In family crisis, as many face these days, I can't thank everyone enough for all they've done and I can now appreciate through this process, the importance of giving to such a worthy cause. I encourage anyone who can contribute in any way to please do so. It can really make a difference in the lives of those awaiting their vouchers for a new start. -- Concerned Mom & Mimi