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Every person who passed through our doors has had a story. At the Shelter, many simply found survival; some found hope and courage. Others successfully made use of the Shelter as a bridge to moving on, reconnecting with family, getting jobs, and planning for the future.

AH became homeless after going through a divorce and moving to Florida to live with and help his mother.  His mother decided she wanted to move back to Maine.  He moved her back to Maine to find out that he could not stay where his mother was going to be living. 

On 9/15/18 he came into shelter.  When I arrived at Western Maine Homeless Outreach I was a bit apprehensive but the atmosphere was quite friendly so I was at ease.  On 9/19/18 he met with the navigator to find out that he did not qualify for services through Maine State Housing due to scoring so low on assessment.  Shortly after I was instructed on making house searches.  I spent a while calling landlords about availability.  I learned that I should be looking for low-income housing when Diane Alexander took over my case.  While in shelter my mother passed away. 

Diane proved to be instrumental in my housing search.  She knew all the ins and outs of low income housing.  Many applications were filled out.  Diane was great help filling them out.  I am right handed and my right hand is partially paralyzed. 

I spent quite a bit of time at WMHO.  The other guests were friendly and so were the staff.  A few times I was asked to do extra things like: playing guitar for the Cookie Palooza and handing out Senior Food Boxes for WMCA.  I was happy to do so because Diane had worked so hard for me with my housing search.  I had told Diane that I would take the first apartment that became available. 

It seemed like a long time waiting but really wasn’t.  Waiting always seems longer than really is. Diane told me of an opening in Stratton.  I really thought that I didn’t want to live in Stratton, but I agreed to check it out.  After seeing Stratton and the apartment I changed my mind completely.  I fell in love with Stratton and the apartment.

Diane made my transition easier with suggestions like that I buy money order for first month’s rent and security deposit.  As it turned out my security deposit was much more than I had for money.  Diane immediately knew what to do and got me a grant for the biggest part of my security deposit.

I don’t know if all guests are aware of the hard work that Diane does or the sacrifices she is willing to and has made for all of us guests at Western Maine Homeless Outreach.  I have a lot of respect for Diane Alexander.  If not for her and her work on my case, I wonder if I would still be searching.  I’ve been in my own apartment a little over two months and am living “the dream”.   He moved out of 1/7/19. 

Thank you Diane Alexander and Western Maine Homeless Outreach!